Black Business Spotlight: Body Love

Photo by Desiree L. Wells Sabrina Jones

Mixing up skincare and aromatherapy

The most successful businesses tend to solve a problem. Sabrina Jones’ problem was eczema and dry, over-sensitive skin. Her solution: Body Love Products.

Unable to wear products with fragrances, Jones created her own line of bath and body products incorporating aromatherapy, pure essential oils, and all-natural ingredients.

For 20 years, she has worked in child protection and training, which she said also informs her creations. “I work in a very stressful environment,” said Jones. “How can I combine two things that can help me and deal with not only the wellness of my skin, but also [serve] as a mood stabilizer?”

We chat here with this rising entrepreneur about her skin and wellness line and goals for growth and longevity.

MSR: What is Body Love?
Sabrina Jones: I provide unique aromatherapy, wellness, and stress relief solutions for your skin. I handcraft a variety of aromatherapy body butters, hair and facial treatments, products, and accessories [for] those that suffer from dry skin, inflammation, blemishes.

MSR: What inspired you?
SJ: I just wanted to be able to have something that anyone could use — from an infant to someone in their 90s — anyone dealing with acne or inflammation, or just wanting a product that can help stabilize their mood, hence the aromatherapy piece.

When I became pregnant with my first child, that pushed me forward in really creating my product.

MSR: How did you figure out how to mix this stuff up?
SJ: I’ve always been a creative person. It’s really working around your scents, so I just get different scents together that I would like and play around with it. That’s the fun part. I work with shea butter, and I break that down, and then I just start mixing.

MSR: What’s your top-selling product?
JS: It’s my body butters. I have eight different fragrances, and my body butters are multi-use, so you’re able to use them on your hair, your face, your body. Within the body butters, Daydream is my number-one seller. It’s like a light, sweet scent [mixed] with sweet orange and lemon with melon and other ingredients for the skin, like tea tree oil and jojoba.

Second is my facial foam wash. It helps with blemishes, acne, razor bumps, pimples. And most of my customers are able to see a difference within a week. I have a lot of testimonials based off of that, and I am working to get a patent [on the formula].

MSR: How did you know this could be a business?
JS: Well, I would not be here and my company would not have grown over four years without word-of-mouth referrals, because this truly started out as a hobby for me. And then the word started to get out.

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MSR: How does your business impact the community?
JS: With friends and family and referrals coming through, I started to see how it was positively impacting others and in the community. I started getting invited to different events in the community, like popups, events on wellness and health, as well as to talk about aromatherapy and how it can help as an alternative, or a supplement, to over-the-counter medicines. I love that educational piece to it.

I also donate some of my proceeds to organizations within child welfare that provide programming for youth.

MSR: What has been the most rewarding part of owning your business?JS: The community response! Businesses grow with consumer support. I support my business capitally, but it’s because of the consumers why I’m doing it. With the demand and the increasing partnerships that I’m having with other businesses, it’s become a point of pride.

MSR: Tell us about the partnerships.
JS: I have some local business partnerships [where you can purchase my products]. One is Heimies Haberdashery in Saint Paul. They carry my aromatherapy balls. Privileged Barber Lounge in Saint Paul, as well. And then I have a new partnership with Andros Med Spa in Mendota Heights. We have a launch on July 16th. Those are places locally that have also supported me in my growth. I’m also at Market at Macy’s at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. I’m there until August.

MSR: What has been the biggest challenge?
JS:  Stepping up my game as far as making our products more accessible and becoming more visible. Yes, I’m in Minnesota, locally known; I want to be nationally, if not internationally, known. So really [it’s about] figuring out that you have this masterpiece and how do you get others to be able to learn about it as well.

And then too, with any business it’s [about] capital, because I fund my own business and I’m a mom, I’m a wife, have my home life, and then I have my business. So, it’s how to keep things going without going under and not stretching yourself so thin that there’s no sustainability. I’m still trying to figure that out.

MSR: What does success look like for you?
JS: I think the short-term success is obviously sales — not in the form of profit, but in the form of somebody taking a step towards their own self-care and wellness. When they purchase one of my products, I see that as success because they’re taking control of that for themselves. It means to me that I didn’t do this in vain.

MSR: And long-term success?
JS: Legacy. Eventually, I want to be able to solely work for myself and create a sustainable business that my son can take over, or I shall I say my grandkids can take over.

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