Watching a father and son

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A video of DJ Pryor speaking with his toddler son about the season finale of Empire recently went viral. I watched it and loved it. What especially struck me is that Pryor does not speak “baby talk” to his son, Kingston Jierre. He is holding a conversation and his son is attempting to do likewise.

The son looks back and forth between the television and his father, moves his hands around and offers commentary. It does not matter that his words make no sense. This video, filmed by his wife, sits in contrast to what I frequently see with parents who ignore their children in favor of a cell phone call or listening to music or yelling at their children on the other hand.

This was just the sort of interaction that needs to happen with a child at that age. When my daughter was about the same age as Pryor’s son, I remember being out of town and calling home. I would always make a point of asking my wife to put my daughter on the phone so that she could hear my voice and so that I could hear hers.

One evening I called, and my daughter got on the phone, and just like Kingston, held a conversation with me…in gibberish! But she did it so well with changing intonation, chuckling and seemingly asking me questions. I realized at that moment that she was on the verge of talking.

It is not just that the video is adorable. It reminds us of the various components of love between a parent and child. Pryor took his son very seriously and you could tell that the son felt that in a very deep manner.

Pryor and his son, Kingston Jierre, are lucky to have one another. And, although she is not in the video, I am sure that his wife contributed immensely to a situation whereby the son was ready to engage his dad.

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  1. This video would be a great example to use for a parent workshops You can see
    great eye connection and imitating Dads expressions! This beautiful child is learning to match the image of an emotional expression (happy,sad,) with its corresponding vocal expression ( a sad voice). Great educational tool for educators and to use in various settings of teaching parent engagement learning. Cracked me up when dad asked”did you understand it”? I think the baby said” did you”? I really enjoyed watching!

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