‘Shut up and Rap’ event highlights the genre’s diverse styles

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Some of the most highly respected rappers in the history of the genre can barely freestyle for two consecutive minutes.

Other rappers, while unable to tell the production difference between a flute and steam whistle, can spit off the top of the dome for hours.

Then there are some who weave tales of drugs, guns, of hardness, while others don’t like having their feelings hurt.

What’s certain is that people will continue to argue over the term “real rap.” And no matter which side a hip hop head falls on, or what any rapper has to say about it — Go 95.3 wants all the musing to stop and the rapping to begin.

The radio station hosts another free Shut Up and Rap (SUAR) event tonight at Pimento Jamaican Kitchen Minneapolis. Hip hop acts sign up to showcase their rap skills, whatever they might be, and a panel of judges selects a Shut Up and Rap Already Champion of the night.

Previous panels have included Go 95.3 personalities like Sophia Eris, and local rap luminaries like Dwynell Roland. The night’s champ also takes home a grand prize. One such award was the opportunity to open for 50 Cent.

Many different rap stylings abound at previous events, from the more rigid, classical lyricism-centered bars, to more melodic, singing intimations. Style is a large factor, but passion and performance delivery — and just raw talent — is often what really matters in winning over a crowd.

Go 95.3’s SUAR is a weekly event that runs in closed seasons. The modern rap station just started its ninth season of the competition.

There is also a tournament between the winners of individual weeks to find the champion of the entire season. Season eight, which wrapped up at The Pourhouse in Minneapolis in May, was eventually won by Minneapolis rapper Mac Turner.

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