Rep. Ilhan Omar, celebrities, politicians motivate attendees at APRI’s conference

The A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI), one of the nation’s largest organizations of African American labor union leaders and activists, held its 50th Annual National Education Conference in Bloomington last week.

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) invigorated the conference crowd with her vow to continue the good fight despite multiple death threats and national criticism. She stressed that she has no intention of bowing down to the current administration. “If someone needs you down on a knee to make themselves feel tall, then there’s something wrong with them, not you,” Rep. Omar said. “I got in this ring because I’m ready to fight!”

Former Congressman and current Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison also addressed the group, while hundreds of national and local labor union activists, celebs, political and civic engagement leaders took part in the conference, including actor Danny Glover.

As part of APRI’s effort to engage the local community, the organization partnered with Peter Hayden’s Turning Point for an informative demonstration at the Minneapolis Urban League that detailed the dangers of teen opioid abuse. Participants were given insight into opioid abuse signs, symptoms and prevention methods to be mindful of as parents or guardians of young people.

APRI National President Clayola Brown said the group is working to build awareness and community engagement to find solutions to social and racial injustices. “As we know from the 2018 elections, APRI activists and our allies have been fundamental and essential to educating, organizing and moving political and legislative victories,” Brown said.

“With increased education, measurable programs, strong community partnerships, and organizational development, we will recover, and we will advance,” Brown said.

Information provided, in part, by APRI.