Experimental jazz composer stops at Icehouse

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Jazz is often seen as a simple foundation for other genres. Outside of a lonely saxophone or set of trumpet horns, once a guitar or synth is added to a jazzy outline, the music becomes rock or pop.

Kansas City jazz composer, producer, saxophonist, and bandleader Logan Richardson toys with the genre, incorporating outside influences in creating experimental songs that stretch the genre’s boundaries but maintaining an allegiance to jazz.

Debuting in 2007, the musician has completed over five projects. His latest, Blues People, is full of his trademark, excitedly unique jazz, and his enthralling sax solos. The record also journeys into the dirty electric guitar licks of early rock, the twang and downhome timber of backroad country, and outright mind-bending jazz experimentalism.

“Underground,” from the record, is an inventive, spacious jazz concoction propelled by an active, roving percussion and listless yet fascinating slow-strums of an electric guitar periodically accompanied by a blaring horn and electronica like blip-synths. It makes for a contemplative, move-score like effect that floods the imagination with a nighttime street scene, an evening constitution and the random sounds and sights encountered along the way.

“Black and Brown and Yellow,” features a Spanish guitar and hypnotic
sing-along lyrics before breaking into a nasty electric guitar riff with a somber sax melody over top.

Richardson brings his multi-faceted tunes to Minneapolis with the help of his band, which includes his trusty saxophone, a bassist and two guitarists, including the Ukrainian Igor Osypov.

Logan Richardson with opening acts Hanging Hearts and DJ Jon Jon Scott perform Thursday, Sept. 5 starting at 8:30 pm at Icehouse located at 2528 Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis. Tickets cost $10 in advance and $12 at the door. For more information visit www.icehousempls.com.