Dancehall legend Burna Boy brings tour to Skyway Theatre Sept. 7

Burna Boy is back and as amazing as ever. The Nigerian reggae-dancehall giant released the album “African Giant” in July, a masterclass in reggae rhythm and dancehall jump-offs. Burna’s “The African Giant Returns” tour will be at the Skyway Theatre tomorrow night starting at 7 p.m.

Damini Ogulu, known as Burna Boy, has been bleeding together reggae and dancehall since his debut in 2012. The 28-year-old quickly made a name for himself, releasing stellar records like tha jam-stuffed “Outside” in 2018.

“African Giant,” though, is a stunning accomplishment, the sight of an artist with a natural skill for Pan African and Caribean Island-tying dance tracks.

Burna is the type of talent that never fears to try on different styles and influences like so many hats, while maintaining an unyielding centrifugal force of pure reggae and dancehall.

A track like “Omo” is classical, hip-wine starting reggae. The next track on “African Giant,” “Secret,” starts with an echoey distorted guitar and feels like the beginning of an alt-rock record before Burna suddenly transports the listener to a secret dancehall dance floor just beyond the guitar riff.

Tickets cost $50 in advance. Skyway Theater is located at 711 Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis. For more information visit