Ramsey County invests $1 million to support new start-ups


Aimed at creating jobs and supporting business growth, Ramsey County has started two new local business programs. 

As of September, residents can get technical assistance for launching and growing a business. There are no applications or fees, says a Ramsey County press release. For free, participants learn from specialists about start-up and expansion financing, business plan development, licensing, zoning and regulatory issues. 

“Supporting start-up businesses is as important as supporting successful leaders, which is why Ramsey County also sponsors CEO Nxt Business Institute,” says the release. It offers “second-stage” services like advanced business and market research, peer and cohort learning, and expert forums to businesses with between 10 and 99 employees and revenue between $1 and $50 million. Those that fit the criteria are invited to apply Sept. 30.

Ramsey County is investing over $1 million into both programs, according to the release. 

“A vibrant community relies on a balance of business types. This investment aligns with the County’s prosperity goal and will benefit all communities in the county,” said Community and Economic Development Director Kari Collins. “Participation begins with a call or an email to our office.”

The County says it will document the types of business served and keep track of the business stage of people who participate, the amount of financing leveraged, jobs created and retained, and other outcomes. 

For more information, visit ramseycounty.us