Tony Dungy says NFL picked worst possible date for Kaepernick workout

NFL trying to sabotage Colin’s comeback?

My grandmother always said if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. This is why when I heard that the NFL had suddenly scheduled a workout for Colin Kaepernick to show his stuff for prospective teams, my spidey senses went off.

The league that has prevented Kaepernick from playing the game he loves has abruptly done an about-face and is now offering the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback a private workout for personnel executives and coaches.

Some have suspected that rapper and mogul Jay Z, whose Roc Nation recently signed on to manage entertainment and social justice endeavors with the NFL, might have pushed for the idea behind the scenes.

This hastily planned event has been scheduled for this Saturday in Atlanta; however, there is just one problem, according to former legendary Golden Gopher football player and former Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator, Tony Dungy, it’s nearly impossible for top-level NFL brass to attend.

“I’m disappointed they are having this event on a Saturday. I wish the league would have set this up for Tuesday which is an off day for players and front office people in the NFL. It would have had the most people come out to see him.”

The Hall of Fame NFL coach says everyone will be too busy to show up, “On Saturdays, NFL scouts have to go to college games. Coaches are getting ready for their games on Sunday.”

Kaepernick, himself, seems suspicious of the timing. In a tweet, he indicated that he had just heard about the workout and slyly called out the “head coaches and GMs” that most likely won’t be there to see him on Saturday.

But despite this significant setback, Dungy still believes the workout is a good idea. “I think with the opportunity of getting video of Kaepernick working out and getting a chance to talk to him, if he still has it, it’s going to be a step in getting him back to play.”

Dungy, who coached the Buccaneers and Colts and won a Super Bowl with Indianapolis, says Kaepernick still has a lot of gas left in the tank, despite his age: “If you look at what Lamar Jackson is doing right now, what Russell Wilson is doing, right now, Colin was doing that when he played. Hopefully, he gets a chance to get back into the NFL.”

This whole Kaepernick conversation dominated our conversation but it wasn’t why I initially reached out to Coach Dungy. Lindy and I called the best-selling author to be on the Two Haute Mamas podcast to discuss his new book “The Soul of a Team,” where he lays out the principles practice by successful teams.

The book is about laying out a game plan for winning teamwork not only on the football field, but in everyday life: on the job, in your family, and at church.

Dungy said this book was in high-demand before it even came out. “People ask me all the time how to put together a winning team. I talk to businesses, churches, basically any place where you’ve got people together and I tell them all the time it’s important to have Christian principles.

“That is what makes building a team special. You’ve got to have a bigger purpose when you’re trying to put something together. More than anything, if you want people to work together, they have to visualize something more important than themselves.”

But that’s easier said than done, Dungy said, because people aren’t naturally wired to be team players. “As human beings, we’re not typically unselfish,” he said. “We look out for ourselves. We’re not concerned about other people’s roles. We’re not easily unified. How do you get people to put all their differences aside and come together? That’s what this book is all about.”

Be sure to check out the extended conversation with Coach Dungy continues on the Two Haute Mamas podcast and it is spicy. He shares his thoughts on Gopher football, the Vikings Super Bowl chances and whether or not he’ll ever coach a team again.