Minneapolis halts battery collections

Due to safety concerns, the City of Minneapolis will no longer pick up batteries placed on top of recycling cart effective immediately. Alkaline batteries (single-use AA, AAA, etc.) may be placed in your garbage cart. But rechargeable batteries are prohibited from all City of Minneapolis garbage and recycling carts.

Bring rechargeable batteries to Hennepin County’s drop-off facilities in Bloomington or Brooklyn Park or to a retail drop-off location that accepts batteries. Find retail locations at Call2Recycle.org/locator. 

For devices that have difficult to remove batteries, such as vaping devices, cellphones and digital watches, bring the whole device to a drop-off location.

To prevent fire, individually tape each lithium and other rechargeable battery in a clear plastic bag or place clear tape on the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals. Learn more about getting rid of batteries at hennepin.us/batteryrecycling.