Sen. Klobuchar grilled on ‘The View’ for her handling of Myon Burrell case

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Senator Amy Klobuchar was called into account for her prosecutorial record by “The View” host Sunny Hostin this morning. Klobuchar was questioned for prosecuting Black and Brown folks and failing to prosecute a single cop in the nearly two dozen police killings that took place under her watch.

Most pointedly, Hostin challenged Klobuchar to right the wrong done to Myon Burrell.

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When challenged by Hostin about her continuous use of the Burrell case to buttress her image even after it appears that Burrell is innocent, Klobuchar said on “The View” that she would review the case.

However, she stopped short of saying that she was going to do all that she could to make sure that justice is done in the case of Burrell. Recent reports indicate that Burrell may have been framed as the third person involved in the accidental shooting of Tyesha Edwards in 2002.

Incidentally, as the video and transcript below show, Klobuchar continued to insist that she sought to have the case Burrell reviewed, which is a different response than the one she gave after a recent AP story was released showing that Burrell was convicted on shoddy to little evidence. “If any new information is presented, it will carefully be reviewed by our office” was Klobuchar’s response at the time.

Hostin: “I reviewed the facts of the case it is one of the most flawed investigations and prosecutions that I think that I have ever seen. You have your homicide detective on tape offering informants $500 apiece for names. I saw his alibi. Witnesses were not looked at. The surveillance tapes were not looked at. How do you defend something like that to someone like me who is the mother of a Black boy, a Black teenager? This case would be my worst nightmare.”

Klobuchar: “Well, Sunny, I will start with this: I have been very clear. All of the evidence needs to be immediately reviewed in that case. The past evidence and any new evidence that has come forward—I have called for that… And I think that you and I share that background…. I have always believed the job of the prosecutor is to protect the innocent and convict the guilty.  To protect the innocent has to be key… Any prosecutor who cares about justice—and I have always been on the side of justice—would say all evidence must be reviewed immediately. And that’s what I think has to happen here. Thank you for bringing it up.”

Sunny:  “Well you are a U.S. Senator now; you are a powerful woman. What do you intend to do to right this wrong?”

Klobuchar: “Well, I have called for the office and the courts to review the evidence,  that is what we must do in the justice system. I have also worked extensively with the Innocence Project in my previous job and we reviewed all of the serious cases we had that involved DNA evidence—this one didn’t.”

Hostin: “It had no gun; it had no DNA evidence; it had no fingerprints.”

Klobuchar: “Exactly. It must be reviewed. Sunny, I think you know that I care so much about justice and this case must be reviewed.”

Sen. Klobuchar is currently campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination. Her campaign has announced that it will expand to more states ahead of Super Tuesday after a stronger-than-expected third-place showing in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

The MSR will continue to follow the case of Myon Burrell as it develops.

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