The MSR hosts a community dialogue examining the fallout of ‘tough on crime’ policies

The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder invites community members to a town hall discussion about the consequences of early 2000’s “tough on crime” policy and the controversial conviction of Myon Burrell by Senator Amy Klobuchar.

The event will open with a discussion about the environment that led to the criminalization of Black youth in Minnesota, which ultimately led to the controversial prosecution of Myon Burrell.

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Burrell has been in the news quite a bit lately beginning with an AP story that raised questions about the prosecution of Burrell at the hands of Minneapolis police and the then-Hennepin County Attorney, presidential candidate Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Klobuchar campaigned on getting tough on crime and advocated locking up juveniles as adults which she carried out once in office.

The town hall will include a few folks who were victimized by this policy and were locked up as youth and charged as adults, as well experts and activists.

“Tough on Crime” Policy and its Fallout

​•Kevin Reese — Voices for Racial Justice
•Bruce Nestor — Minnesota chapter of the National Lawyers Guild
•Elizer Darris — Minnesota ACLU

The Case of Myon Burrell

•Nekima Levy-Armstrong — Racial Justice Network
•Ianna Burrell — Sister of Myon Burrell
•Michael Touissant — Father of Myon Burrell
•Lacretia Lucket — wife of Myon Burrell
•Leslie Redmond — President, Minneapolis NAACP
•Joe McLean — Jury foreman in first Myon Burrell trial

The forum will be held at the building formerly known as THOR, 1256 N. Penn Avenue (corner of Penn & Plymouth) in Minneapolis on the 5th floor. This event is free and open to the public. RSVP here.

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