With other essential services, the MSR stays on the job

. Tracey Williams-Dillard MSR publisher/CEO

From MSR’s publisher Tracey Williams-Dillard

To MSR’s readers and contributors

In our 85 years of publishing, the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder has never before experienced a pandemic such as the one that has now forced our country, state and cities to take emergency protective measures. As part of the nation’s communications infrastructure, we understand we are among the “essential services” that must remain in operation to keep our social discourse alive and help prevent a descent into mass confusion and anarchy. We are resolved to do just that, through and beyond this two-week shut down ordered by Gov. Walz.

We welcome your suggestions as to how the MSR can better serve you through this crisis.

We want you to know that we will remain on the job doing the work that has long distinguished the MSR as a dependable voice of the state’s African American community. We are still gathering news, talking with neighbors and leaders, and developing the stories that will keep you informed. We will provide ongoing COVID-19 information and continuously update you through our print publication and website.

We will carry on this work as long as possible without placing our staff or others in jeopardy. Our commitment to serving our community in good times and bad is unwavering.

We welcome your suggestions as to how the MSR can better serve you through this crisis. We recognize in particular that the economic disruptions certain to follow will stress individuals, families and businesses, in some cases very severely.

MSR file photo The MSR building will be closed to the public until at least April 10.

We want you to know that our collective heart goes out to the families and individuals who have been victimized by this epidemic and their families. We extend a special “thank you” to all who have been on the front line of this fight, especially our nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers who have put themselves at risk to help us. We also want to recognize the work of the unsung heroes: cashiers, stock people, mail carriers and delivery people who continue working to make sure we have what we need in this time of peril.

The MSR stands shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with our other valued institutions, loyal readers and contributors, and dedicated staff to help our community successfully confront this challenge, with special consideration for those least able to help themselves.

Now is the opportunity for us all to “walk the walk” and “talk the talk,” support our brothers and sisters, and be the village in this time of crisis.