Miami store outfits workers with face shields

Submitted photo Cashier at Bravo Supermarket in Little Haiti Miami, Florida checks out customer fully outfitted in protective gear, including face shield.

While many workers in grocery stores nationwide work daily with little to no personal protective equipment (many without masks), Bravo Supermarket in Miami, Florida’s Little Haiti has outfitted all of its employees with a face shield, a protective mask, and gloves.

“She cares about us,” said store manager Gloria Montoya referring to the store’s owner Relinda Vasquez. “She has been doing anything possible to make us secure. She goes and she finds anything.”

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Submitted photo

When asked how Vasquez secured face shields for the cashiers at the store, Montoya said, “She saw them  on TV and she ordered them from a company that makes them here in Miami.”

Montoya said she really appreciates her boss’s concern for her employees’ safety. “As much as possible we need to get people to understand that this is a very serious matter,” she said.

Bravo Supermarkets are a chain located primarily in the Northeastern and Southeastern United States, with several located in Florida. They are headquartered in New York, NY, and each store is owned and operated independently.