The Sheridan Story gives a helping hand after riots

Photo by Nikki Love Community donations have been pouring in.

This past weekend, the Sheridan Story gave bags of food away in various locations. They offered pampers, toilet paper, washing powder, paper towels, disinfects, gloves, masks, and all kinds of essentials that are needed in the Twin Cities during the coronavirus pandemic and sadly, the now-burned down groceries stories in South Minneapolis.

The violent killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police on Memorial Day has sparked a protest, rioting, and looting. During the aftermath, the streets of Minneapolis were on fire. The destruction of grocery stores, corner stores, liquor stores, gas stations, and small businesses have causes other businesses and organizations to board up in fear of further destruction.

But the Sheridan Story came to the rescue. The organization has been feeding the community for a while but many People of Color were not aware of what the organization does.

The organization’s mission is to fight against child hunger. They work in our communities to fill the gaps in food access for kids during weekends, summer, and extended breaks. Since the coronavirus, the Sheridan has provided over one million meals to families across Minnesota and western Wisconsin. They will be working long after this pandemic is over to help stabilize families.

There are a few unique things about this organization. They consulted with dietitians/nutritionists to select healthy food choices for families from community gardens. And on the weekends, the organization uses color-coded bags to designate diety preferences. Blue is tailored for East Africans’ dietary preferences, orange is for Latinos, purple for Southeastern Asians, green offers a variety of food items and yellow contains ready-to-eat items.

Photo by Nikki Love

The Sheridan Story is located in Roseville and their programs have made an impact throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. The organization always welcomes donations and volunteers to help fight child hunger. Get involved!

Find more info about Sheridan Story here.