In Memoriam: Keith Hardeman

Sunrise: June 23, 1952 — Sunset: June 24, 2010

. Keith Hardeman

It’s been 10 years……….. a whole decade. I remember soon after your passing how scared I was of hitting the 10-year mark because I was terrified of forgetting all of the little things about you.

It’s been 10 years
since I’ve heard you laugh, seen your smile, held your hand, looked in your eyes,
kissed you and said, “Goodnight, daddy; I love you.”

It’s been 10 years
since I listened to one of your goofy dad jokes, listened to you play the bass, had you
dust me in a game of basketball or me dust you in a game of tennis.

It’s been 10 years
since I’ve eaten your homemade “pannacakes,” grilled chicken, “fat burgers,”
homemade french fries, “sghetti,” fried fish or mashed potatoes.

It’s been 10 years
since you’ve pulled one of your April fool’s pranks on me or since I’ve called you to
tell you about how I aced a test or read you one of my research papers out loud (sorry about that by the way).

But I remember everything.
I remember how safe and secure you always made me feel. I remember how proud
you were of me. I remember the twinkle in your eyes when you were playing a little
prank on me and “pulling my leg.”

I remember you listening to me talk about school, my friends, my dreams, and my
plans. I remember your silly little songs you’d sing, the jokes you’d tell and the stories you’d exaggerate.

I remember always feeling loved by you, unconditionally. I remember the way you
would look at me, as if I was your reason, your purpose, and the apple of your eye.
It’s been 10 years and I still wear your t-shirts and sweaters to bed at night to feel just a little bit closer to you.

I love you Daddy, and I remember everything about you regardless of the time we’ve
been physically apart. Because we are never truly apart. You are a part of me and are always with me. I think of you every day. Our love has no time limit on it and our bond will never be broken.

I will love you forever, for always, and with all of my heart.

-Your loving daughter Anna Rebecca Hardeman