Police, military, it’s all the same

Letting Joe Biden take a mulligan for attacking Iraq is part of the same structural racism that got George Floyd murdered. What else gives privileged Whites in Washington the freedom to attack defenseless Arabs who were not attacking anyone? Certainly not “war.”

If Blacks, Muslims, Native Americans or Latinos started a “war,” they would pay dearly, probably with their lives or their freedom. But White man Joe Biden helps Bush and Cheney start a “war” on Iraq, and he’s a free man who doesn’t have to worry about looking over his shoulder to see if a missile-carrying drone is stalking him. No, he’s free, safe, and running for president. Classic White Supremacy.

How does this work, Biden supporters? Biden and the rest of them held their knees to the necks of the citizens of Iraq and did not release until half a million were killed. Iraqis died in the same manner that George Floyd died—they were murdered. They did nothing wrong but were brutalized.

How can anyone say, “Abolish the police” without including the military? They are one and the same.

Biden supporters conveniently believe that any stupid crackpot reason can get Biden the freedom to attack and kill Iraqis as long as conventional “warfare” is used to do the killing.

Biden supporters conveniently believe “war” can be nothing more than armed conflict. This would be true if we were animals. No one gets a free pass to murder people—not Minneapolis police and not Joe Biden.

Frank Erickson