WORD ON THE STREET | Community members share thoughts on Cup Foods

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Opinions differ on the future of the George Floyd memorial site and surrounding area at 38th Street and Chicago Ave. where Floyd was killed May 25 under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer. A prominent feature at the site is Cup Foods, the longstanding corner store that has become forever linked to this tragic story.

The MSR took to the street recently to ask community members what they think about Cup Foods in light of what’s happened there? Read their reflections and add your own in the comments.

Photo by Nikki Love Nathaniel

Cup Foods has been around for a long time and this community made them. I’m not so concerned about Cup, but more about us. Just like we made them, we need to make us. Stop relying on the people outside the community and rely on each other.

I grew up on the South Side. We as a people help make any business successful. We don’t need to worry about shutting down Cup ‘cause our buying power will shut them down. Any business that is not giving back to the community, we shouldn’t be spending our money there. We should boycott everything that’s not for us or by us.

Once we understand [that] we are the people with the buying power, we can change any community.


Photo by Nikki Love Niki B

It’s not really Cup Foods’ fault ‘cause the person [who called the police on George Floyd over a suspected forged $20 bill] was doing their job. The police shouldn’t not have been called. The policeman is the issue, not Cup Foods.

Maybe if Cup hadn’t called the police this incident may not have happened…

—Niki B.

Photo by Nikki Love Zack

I was raised in this neighborhood. Cup has always been a family-oriented business. Businesses have the right to call police. People are blaming Cup and taking the focus off the police. Cup didn’t kill George Floyd—the police did. I stand with Cup foods.

—Zack King

Submitted photo B Stewart

Cup is a disgrace to their neighborhood; they never look out for the community and the community is what kept them in business. I believe they gouge their prices, but they don’t see the fault in what they are doing. Making money off the likeness of George Floyd… It was wrong to call the police on an alleged fake bill which caused a man his life.

—B. Stewart

Submitted photo Julian J.

I do not know what’s true about Cup Foods and what’s not. I’ve heard things about Cup but have never had any incidents personally with them. I believe the City should make the site a community co-op or peace garden to represent a memorial for George Floyd.

Cup Foods understands what happens to Black men when the police are called, so why call the police over an alleged fake bill?

—Julian J.

—Questions facilitated by Nikki Love.

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  1. I feel the Cup Foods employee did not need to call the police. Also the police could have resolved this too. So both Cup Foods & MPD are to blame. Surprisingly Cup Foods was not destroyed.

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