This exhausting 2020 continues!


The year 2020 is wearing me out. I don’t know about you, but living through this coronavirus pandemic has been among the greatest challenges of my life. This is serious business, every day battling an invisible killer with every step you take, every decision when you step on an elevator, walk to your car, or enter a room where people are.

Are they wearing masks? Are they social distancing? You can almost tell a person’s political choice—Republican or Democrat, red or blue, elephant or donkey—by whether or not they care enough about themselves and you to have a mask on.
It’s been five months and counting. There have been 600,000 people around the world and 140,000 in the United States who have died. Believe it—40% of Black-owned businesses may not survive the coronavirus.

We have to take this public health crisis seriously. Understand we have to sacrifice. I have. I have played only two rounds of golf this year although the weather has been great. The challenge of living is complicated. God is watching over us, yet we have to be of sound mind and keep our minds open to the reality of 2020.

People are going to bars, nightclubs and other public places around the country as if the virus is gone. The coronavirus is racing through the U.S., forcing a grim reality on cities, communities and states. Not everyone cares about their health or your health based on their careless approach to life. So watch out.

We’re getting closer to all of the professional sports leagues starting up again, and for the first time without fans—MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS and the NFL. And of course there’s the huge question over college athletics and football and basketball on campus. You can’t play college sports without students. No sports, no revenue.

Not all of the 300 Division I schools have television contracts with ESPN, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC. That’s why right now a college football season is in great jeopardy. A lot of pro athletes are opting out of their respective sports and will not return with their teams when MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL resume.

These are serious decisions. Careers and jobs and livelihoods and families are at risk. It won’t be easy. MLB tested all the players and 71 tested positive, including Miguel Sano of the Twins. The NFLPA tested all of its players and 72 tested positive for COVID-19.

The NFLPA is seeking to acquire opt-out clauses for at-risk players and conditional stipends. Some players are requesting financial backing in case they decide to sit out this year because of the virus. Will priority testing for athletes hurt overall public health?

The NFL has unveiled its secret plan for the 2020 NFL season: the Oakley mouth shield. In the name of health and safety, players will sport the new look to battle the coronavirus. Doctors and engineers from the NFL and NFLPA are in agreement that all 32 teams have started testing with rookies reporting early.