George Floyd family unveils hologram memorial at Confederate sites

Courtesy of and the George Floyd Foundation will unveil “A Monumental Change: The George Floyd Hologram Memorial Project” Tuesday night in Richmond, Virginia, the former capital of the Confederacy.

A private event was held Monday night at the site of the former Jefferson Davis Confederate monument, which was recently taken down by protesters in June. The statue was temporarily replaced by a three-dimensional hologram of George Floyd and the small event included an intimate first look for the family of George Floyd. The project will return tonight in Richmond for a public unveiling event.

“This project seeks to replace the monuments of racist confederate memory with symbols of solidarity and justice.” said Sylvia Rolle, senior campaigner at “The nearly 20 million signers and supporters of Kellen’s ‘Justice for George Floyd’ petition are demanding a new path for our country and new heroes to honor with historical memory.

“In collaboration with the family of George Floyd and the George Floyd Foundation, this project aims to reflect the power and beauty of those millions of voices standing up for change.”

The George Floyd Hologram Memorial Project aims to transform spaces that were formerly occupied by racist symbols of America’s dark Confederate past and use them to promote a message of hope, solidarity and forward-thinking change. With all eyes on racial injustice in America, the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of police has sparked powerful movements that can be seen and heard throughout the country.

With nearly 20 million signatures, the Justice for George Floyd petition became’s fastest-growing and largest petition on the site to date, depicting the strong public sentiment of the need for racial equality around the world.

“Since the death of my brother George, his face has been seen all over the world,” said Rodney Floyd, brother of George Floyd in Houston, Texas. “Now by partnering with, the hologram will allow my brother’s face to be seen as a symbol for change in places where change is needed most.”

The hologram features a myriad of fireflies that form into a beautiful image of George Floyd, with his name depicted in graffiti, reflecting the thousands of mural memorials that have emerged to celebrate his life. It was designed by Kaleida Hologram Company and projected by local Virginia company, Quince Imaging. 

“The day after George Floyd was laid to rest in peace, the Floyd family made a personal sacrifice by giving up their time to rest and recover from the loss of their loved one. Because they understand how George’s death has impacted the world, they turned their pain into purpose by creating the George Floyd Foundation located in the city where George was raised, Houston, Texas,” said Tezlyn Figaro, Senior Advisor at the George Floyd Foundation. 

“The mission of the George Floyd Foundation is to create access and participation in the areas of social justice education and advocacy, youth services, and workforce development. By partnering with organizations such as it demonstrates the Floyd family’s commitment to ensuring that George Floyd did not die in vain.”

The hologram will remain in Richmond tonight at Marcus David Peters Circle for a public event at 7:30 pm. Local Black artists, musicians, poets, and leaders will be in attendance to commemorate the launch in Virginia.

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