Black Business Spotlight: 2 Scoops Ice Cream Eatery

Ashley Lauren/MSR News Owner Brian White, Jr. in front of the shop

New ice cream shops offers sweet diversion

Jazz tunes played in the background music upon entering 2 Scoops Eatery in St. Paul, as the quaint ice cream shop grew busier by the minute. The shop’s owner Brian White Jr. made sure to acknowledge and greet every customer that walked in. His friendly disposition created a positive, welcoming and neighborly vibe.

The ice cream eatery opened just this summer, and there’s a unique history behind the location. “This place used to be a very well-known coffee shop called Golden Thyme Coffee,” said White. Golden Thyme has since relocated to a new building at 934 Selby Avenue in St. Paul.

As orders for ice cream came rushing in on a Tuesday, the 2 Scoops Eatery team provided fast and efficient service. Customers waited patiently as they observed homemade waffle cones being freshly made. Children and adults seemed in awe of the operation.

Important to note that everyone wore a mask, gloves and abided by proper social distancing due to COVID-19 protocol. Sanitizer was also available. During the earlier months of the summer, “People couldn’t eat in; they had to retrieve orders at the back door,” said White. But now customers can feel free to stop by, dine in or order for pick up while continuing to follow safety precautions.

The neighborhood ice cream shop offers more than 18 flavors of ice cream, desserts and wholesome food. Kids love the “Superman” ice cream, while adults favor the “Oreo Espresso.”

The strawberry cheesecake ice cream is bursting with flavor. There’s a generous amount of small, fresh strawberries and small chunks of creamy cheesecake. It tastes like a rich dessert that was formulated into silky smooth ice cream.

Customers can try a variation of ice cream cones, freshly made waffle cones, classic root beer floats, sweet sundaes, malts and shakes. Ice cream is served in a cup, pint and/or quart, with prices that range from $4-$12. 

But 2 Scoops doesn’t just offer cool treats. The shop also offers homemade pizza, hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches and much more. “We just added the beef barbeque brisket and it’s fire,” said White.

The shop aims to create a sense of belonging and inclusivity. “We have been intentionally having conversations around how do we create a business that everybody can feel a part of. Everything we do is intentional,” said White.

As a result, he created a shrine dedicated to local sports legends. Customers are drawn to the “Cream of the Crop” wall dedicated to local athletes from the Twin Cities. “We’re sports fanatics, me and my dad, so we created this Cream of the Crop Wall,” explained White. The beloved Jovanny “JoJo” Garcia is one of the athletes featured. “He was a top division athlete, only 19 years old,” said White. Garcia’s picture is posted to honor his life and legacy. He passed away in 2017.

Ashley Lauren/MSR News A family outing at 2 Scoops Eatery

The ice cream shop is bringing people together from all backgrounds.“The thing about ice cream, it’s very universal,” White said. “You’re not pigeonholed into selling to one group of people—it’s everybody.” He also emphasized how some people stop by to take a break from the harsh realities of the world. Ice cream is viewed as a sweet diversion.

In recent weeks, there has been tragedy, trials and tribulations. “A dark cloud was over our city, state and country,” White said. “But when people come in here they can come in with a frown and leave with a smile.”

In regards to community outreach, White aspires to sponsor a 2 Scoops team. “We are always looking for opportunities to give back. So, right now we’re planning on sponsoring a 2 Scoops basketball team,” he said. “We’d pay for uniforms, and they would wear our logo on their jerseys.” The plan is to embrace and support youth in the neighborhood.

White joyfully expressed that his 14-year-old daughter works in the shop, too. “We’ve been teaching her how to do everything. It’s legacy building.” He plans on handing down the business to her one day. Manifesting generational wealth is the goal.

White also shared helpful advice for the youth. “Don’t give up, it can definitely happen,” he said. “Don’t take no for an answer. Seek knowledge; ask people questions.”

Overall, 2 Scoops Eatery serves as a safe, neighborhood gathering space. Kids, adults, and families are highly encouraged to stop by the new shop. They’ve also given away over 1,000 ice cream cones.

2 Scoops Eatery is located at 921 Selby Ave. in St. Paul, MN. Customers can dine in or place an order for take out by calling 651-645-0227. The shop is open Monday-Thursday, 12-9 pm; Friday-Saturday, 12-10 pm and Sunday, 12-7-pm Find more information at