Helping employees live in a pandemic

NAMI Minnesota (National Alliance on Mental Illness) has developed an online mental health program for employers to offer their employees during the pandemic. The program will help employees manage their stress, coping skills and resiliency during this unprecedented time. The new program is called HELP—Helping Employees Live in a Pandemic.

COVID-19 has increased stress levels due to the uncertainty about the future; being alone or being together too much; caring for children or other family members; working from home or being an essential worker; and it has caused grief from cancellation of major life events. In response to the mental health needs of Minnesotans, NAMI Minnesota’s new program—HELP— was developed to address these issues and promote good mental health and coping skills.

“For employers, taking a practical step like providing the HELP program sends a powerful message to employees that mental health is an important part of overall health and performance. It acknowledges their struggles and supports their wellbeing,” said Sue Abderholden, executive director of NAMI Minnesota.

 HELP program classes include: Minding Your Mental Health During COVID-19; Keeping in Touch: Staying Connected During COVID-19; Coping with Kids; Self-Care and Mindfulness; Physical Activity; Nutrition; Positive Psychology; and Question, Persuade and Refer, which teaches the three steps anyone can take to help prevent a suicide.

All classes are one hour in length. Employers can choose one or all of the classes to be offered through Zoom or another online platform. A recent class participant remarked, “The speaker did a great job. I found the format for sharing to be grounding and inspirational.”

NAMI Minnesota appreciates, but does not require, an honorarium for delivering the classes.

For information or to schedule a class, contact NAMI Minnesota at

Information provided by NAMI MN.