Help for those with new job and behind on rent


As the federal eviction moratorium gives struggling Minnesotans more time to come
up with back rent without fear of eviction, a local non-profit is also helping by expanding their program to provide free required work items for anyone behind on rent who is starting a new job.

Small Sums, serving the seven-county metro, has expanded eligibility to provide
required work items (work clothes, work shoes, tools, and transportation assistance) to any metro resident who is starting a new job and who is behind on rent.

Traditionally, Small Sums has provided this critical back-to-work assistance to
homeless individuals but now is expanding who they serve to include those who are
behind on rent.

Naomi Sadighi, Small Sums’ executive director, said, “Our goal, by expanding our
free assistance to folks struggling with back rent is to step in with our practical, simple assistance and lift one important barrier that might be the difference for a person between staying in stable housing or becoming homeless.”

“When times are financially tough, many people are offered new jobs but don’t have
the funds for the things they need to start the job, like steel-toe boots, uniforms, or bus fare to get to work for the first few weeks. We can provide all that so they can arrive for their first shift with everything needed to get off to a good start. Our mission for the past fifteen years has been to help homeless individuals who are
on a path leading back to stable housing with a new job.

“This new program, Keep Your Place, is a prevention step that should help hundreds of people stay in their places and prevent them from becoming homeless.”

Eligibility requirements are a verifiable new job within the past eight weeks, at 25
hours/week minimum, and being at least one month behind on rent or homeless. For
more information and/or begin an application, call 651-242-9441 or visit