Letter to the Editor

It is incredibly irresponsible to work towards abolishing the police, and Alondra Cano proves this…even though she herself is working to abolish the police.

The City of Minneapolis has 420,000 residents and half of them are women and girls. These 210,000 women and girls need and deserve adequate protection-beyond mental health professionals.

Councilwoman Cano is one of these 210,000 female residents of the city. As of recently, she has had threats on her life. What then did she do? Well, she did not hire social workers to protect her. She got armed security to protect her.

The audacity of councilwoman Cano to work for the removal of the police, which leaves all Minneapolis women high and dry if they are being attacked or threatened – and then she turns around and hires armed security.

If you are a woman in the city and being threatened, don’t call Cano for help. Her advice will be to hire your own personal armed security.

Other council members have come to her defense for having armed security while she tries to get rid of the police by saying, “We take threats like this seriously.”

Exactly! No sh#t! And that is why it is a necessary evil to have an armed police force – because many women in the city will be harassed or threatened and the city needs to take these threats seriously. Just as they took the threat on Alondra Cano’s life seriously.

We need protection without racism.