Local artist launches digital business in the midst of quarantine

Shanell McCoy: redefining entrepreneurship

Quarantine has proven a peculiar time, especially for artists. While the closures of many venues and organizations have been noticeable there has also been the emergence of new businesses and endeavors, largely within the digital landscape. 

Shanell McCoy is a well-known Twin Cities recording artist and songwriter. She released her debut full-length R&B album “Live and Love” in 2016 and is also the host of “Singlehood Podcast.”

“I’ve always identified as an artist. That is the way that I got through life,” she said. As a multifaceted creative; a singer, songwriter, podcaster, and poet; it is no surprise that McCoy has recently unfolded yet another layer of her pursuit to inspire others. Something she calls Entrepreneur Friday.

A leap of faith

In August 2020, in one of the toughest economic times that our country has seen, McCoy took a brave step and launched a new initiative that she calls, Entrepreneur Friday. “I was working for the State of Minnesota, Just through faith in God, in March, He told me to quit,” she recalled. 

“I was planning on staying there for a longer period of time. I ended up leaving at the end of March,” she added. “At the time, I was not aware [of the pandemic] when I left my job.”

Her journey quickly became one truly directed by faith, and not by sight. 

Entrepreneur Friday

‘Entrepreneur Friday’ is the primary platform for McCoy’s new entrepreneurial journey and can be found on YouTube. Each Friday, McCoy 1) launches a new product 2) markets and sells said product over the weekend, and 3) returns the following week with business insights and findings that she shares with her audience.

There are strict stipulations surrounding what types of products she will sell across her platform, including cost, type, quality and more—as well as giving herself the flexibility to refine her business structure (based on her weekly findings). Each week is both fresh and relevant.

Altogether this structure proves not only profitable for McCoy herself but it also offers a diverse learning platform for entrepreneurs in various fields. “There’s a difference between manipulation and trying to force things to happen versus taking the gifts that you were already given and cultivating them for people who need them,” she said. She also uses each week to uplift someone else’s business on her channel.


As with any new endeavor, McCoy has already met a number of roadblocks. “There were so many moments when I was like, this is stupid, I’m just going to quit,” she said. Aside from the universal struggle of quarantine, McCoy has also come against challenges like startup funding, garnering local support and even COVID-19. 

But like any bold pioneer, McCoy has turned these stumbling blocks into stepping stones and uses her challenges to inform the content on her platform. In her videos like, “How I Overcame the Feeling of Failure”  and “How to Confront Friends Who Don’t Celebrate You,” McCoy continues to provide important resources to other entrepreneurs who are undoubtedly experiencing similar challenges. 

“As far as audience, I’m open to anyone who wants to start a business, grow a relationship with God, or anyone who wants to be entertained by this girl trying to do something crazy,” she said. 

Clarifying business

Aside from Entrepreneur Friday, McCoy has also launched a creative consulting business called Shanell McCoy Creative, helping startups clarify their vision for their own businesses. “The shift to entrepreneurship came from being obedient in what God was telling me to do…You’re not going to sit here and wait for an opportunity from the world. You have it in you to do this,” she said.

For more info or to support Shanell McCoy’s work, subscribe to her YouTube channel at bit.ly/ShanellMcCoy. Learn more about her consulting services by visiting her website www.shanellmccoycreative.com.Tiffany Johnson welcomes readers’ responses to tjohnson@spokesman-recorder.com.