WORD ON THE STREET | How do you feel about the Biden-Harris ticket?

The race towards the 2020 Election is now a sprint, with less than three weeks remaining before the voting season concludes on Nov. 3.

Earlier in the election cycle, the MSR hit the streets to gather opinions about the historic Democratic ticket of former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris, the first Black woman and first South Asian American to appear on a major party’s presidential ticket. Find responses from community members below.

Nikki Love/MSR Chris Caine

I think they would be good presidential candidates. We already have history with Joe Biden being with [Former President] Obama. We kind of already know what direction the county would go in under his leadership because of the experience he has as vice president.

Kamala–I don’t know much about her, but I think it would be a connection. I believe it’s a good idea for the nation to have a Black vice president. I plan on voting this year because I have never voted before. I thought my vote didn’t matter but that’s a lie.

Chris Cain

I don’t think they are good for the country. I think we have had better candidates. Kamala has a record for locking people up and we need anything other than that right now. Joe Biden is a talking piece; he’s not a good fit for the job.

I’d take them [Biden-Harris] over whom we have now. [But] there are better people whom are better for the job. I don’t like Kamala track record. She’s a cop by trade. To have her as the vice president is not something we need now or would be beneficial to communities in the nation. I’m disappointed.

Lauren Melzer

Nikki Love/MSR Sandra Freeman

At this point, the only way for us to move forward is going with Biden and Harris because they are the only ones moving forward together. We have the same values, outlook– they are looking up and not down. They are as fair as fair can be.

If the other side was being fair, then there would be a contest but the other side is not fair. If I lost the game but the deal was fair, I’m OK with that. Harris-Biden is speaking the truth and truth is power. We all need to vote; if you don’t vote then don’t complain.

Sandra Freeman

Nikki Love/MSR Netta

I’m going to be honest and this is my opinion: I would like Biden to win but I think he chose the wrong person. I remember Kamala making a statement when President Obama began to run. She said we didn’t need an African American in the White House that was going to give sympathy to the people. If you don’t make your own money or do your own thing to try to come up the ladder then you don’t need the hand down.

When Biden chose Kamala he lost all respect from the young people who don’t like her. Everyone that was for Obama remembers those statements she made.

We need to read between the lines to understand what Kamala’s agenda is, which is not for our people [African Americans]. I want Biden to win but he just picked the wrong person.

Netta Phillips

Nikki Love/MSR Melanie R.

I believe Biden-Harris are going to be voted into office as president and vice president. I feel that we need change; we need to get number 45 out of office!

I believe there are a lot of miscommunication and understanding [about the Biden-Harris ticket]. Research needs to be done in regards to Biden-Harris. I feel there is a lot of negative feedback about Kamala–being an African American female we get a lot to negativity our way.

There has been some misunderstanding about Harris’ history about African American men being jailed. We need to do our own research. We need to love and support Black women because they do not get the support, backing, or credit they deserve. Black women do not get full credit for our knowledge, [intelligence], and work ethic. I want everyone to go out and vote because your vote makes a difference. I believe we need to vote for Biden-Harris!


Nikki Love/MSR Alonzo

They are literally our only choice, but anything beats Trump. On the other hand Biden-Harris does have experience being in Washington and they know how politics run and know the game.

Hopefully, they will play the game as Trump played the game. Trump did what he wanted to do, so maybe Joe will do something for our people, for real. Kamala, I’m hoping she will be Black and do stuff for the Black folk, for us as people, if not we’re going to have the same thing again.

Black people need to come together and put those guns down and pick up a book. Read and get some wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Understanding is going to get us where we need to go. We are not where we use to be but not where we should be. We come together as a people.

Alonzo (DJ King Smiley)