Letter to the Editor: Where’s Omar?

Photo courtesy of Associated Press Rep. Ilhan Omar


I didn’t know that Ihlan  Omar, the Democratic member of Congress from the Fifth District in Minneapolis and inner-ring suburbs, is running for so many offices this fall.

During a 90-second span this weekend, I saw three television ads prominently depicting her. All of them were for Republicans, one running for the Senate, another in Congressional District in the western exurbs, and one other rural district in the western part of the state.

 Finding her depiction in those ads was like an exercise in “Where’s Waldo?”

The GOP themes were similar: vote against her by voting for me. Meanwhile, the ads for the candidate who is actually running against Omar, Republican Lacey Johnson, do not mention or picture her at all.

It seems that those who aren’t running against her would like to and the one who is wishes he wasn’t.

Marshall H. Tanick