Same ole same ole USA

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The daily lives of Americans are multi-cultural and have been for a generation. Growing up
in the 1960s, my parents told my sister and I that we were lucky to live in the Bay Area because
it had people from all over the world. This is true everywhere now.

The economic paradox from which this country was born, equality financed by slavery,
manifests itself today as “wage slavery” for most U.S. workers. The economic racism on which
this country is founded is at the core of how we perceive and distribute wealth. All our
institutions, however great, that was produced by this wealth, reflect this racism. The United

States does not have a history of racism, it has had the fatal flaw of racism, from the beginning.
Congress isn’t stalling on economic relief. Corporations are getting what they need, right?
Washington is punishing a population that wants change. Politicians do not want to hear left-
wing views about using tax money on taxpayers.

Since politicians (of any party) must raise money from the uber-wealthy to run their
campaigns they cannot change the racist economics that keeps their donors rich. This country’s
leaders are being clear that there is no level of suffering they are not willing to inflict on the
population to maintain power. The denial of Universal healthcare during a pandemic is the only
example needed.

Trump’s openly White supremacist views are a win for him and politicians of any stripe.
The rest of us, conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs, condemn the racist deplorable(s). This is much
easier than addressing the ugly economics that produces in our fellow Americans, ignorance,
intolerance, desperation, alienation, and racial hatred. A divided and angry populace is easy
pickings for any politician.

Some may have voted with enthusiasm this last presidential round. I think most of us voted
against who we hated the most. I believe that many of my fellow citizens felt as I did, these
candidates were losers. What great nation presents Donald Trump and Joe Biden in an
emergency as real choices?

The earth was not hit by a meteorite. There are no Barbarians at the gates or terrorists. The
only bombs and gunfire here are domestic. All our wounds as a nation are self-inflicted, even

This country will and should dissolve if we can’t face the racist economic policies on which
it is based. We are stuck and we have been for two hundred and 44 years. Over a century ago
W.E.B. DuBois said, “The problem of the twentieth century is the problem