WORD ON THE STREET | Will you take the vaccine?


As the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine continues to be rolled out to first responders and select others across the nation, with the Moderna vaccine set to join it, the MSR took to the streets to ask community members if they would be willing to take the vaccine when it’s made available to the broader public.

QUESTION: When the coronavirus vaccine is available to the public, would you be
willing to take it? Why or why not?

Steven B.

I have two points of view. Yes, I am willing to take it, however, I would not be the first
in line to take it. First I want to see if there are any side effects from others and then
I’ll weigh my options.

Like the common flu shot, sometimes I take it, sometimes I don’t; it depends on the side effects of the shot. At some point, I probably will take the vaccine because I had COVID. I went through the whole gullet with headaches, an upset stomach, a cough but no fever, which was weird. The fatigue was the worst and the
longest to shake. I think COVID affects each individual differently. There are lingering
effects. I think it’s here to stay. Stay safe!

Steven B.

Photo by Nikki Love Shameka B.

This is a tough question, I’m still debating that, and I do believe vaccines are helpful. This whole corona thing is a little strange and happening so soon makes me a little cautious. I’m still doing my personal research to find out if I’d be comfortable or not.

In my opinion, I think the vaccine should be very much voluntary–no one should be forced to take it. People, this corona is very serious and we all need to do our parts to make sure we can stay safe now and a couple of months down the road, hopefully, we can return back to somewhat of a new norm. Mask up and stay safe; corona does not have a particular person it’s seeking; the virus does not see color.

—Shameka B.

Photo by Nikki Love

I don’t think I would take the shot right away because I kind of think it was political the way it was rushed. It’s happening so fast, I don’t want to see ten years from now where women can’t have babies or babies born with deformities. Stay masked up for a while and practice the precautions. I think we will be fine and if the older generation follows the precautions they will be ok too.

—Tony H.

Photo by Nikki Love

I would definitely be willing to take the vaccine after they have tested the vaccine thoroughly. We have (in the U.S.) the most detailed CDC medical people in our country. If the doctors and the scientist say it’s OK and they take it first, yes, I would definitely be taking the vaccine.



I would not take it for about five years. I feel they need to do more research. There is not enough research on People of Color, youth, or the elderly. Until then, I will not take it. I think this is systematic racism.


Photo by Nikki Love Joy

I would have to do more research on the vaccine before I can give a yes or no answer. I know nothing about the vaccine or what’s in it. Stay safe, strengthen your immune system, and don’t forget to wash your hands.


Photo by Nikki Love Eric B.

I would not take the vaccine when it first comes out. I’m diabetic type 2 and I have a brother that is a researcher. I was told they do not test the blood of diabetics. If they did the testing of diabetes it would be totally different.

No, I would not take the vaccine. I would like the Black community to pay more attention to the virus cause it’s killing our people. We take things for granted about viruses, we need to be more careful and take care of our people.

—Eric B