MLB needs to go all the way and pay Negro Leaguers

Courtesy of MLB/MGN

As we have learned the hard way in 2020, we’ve had to take what we’ve earned in a year that honestly was no different than most with many Black Americans being disrespected and devalued at the hands of police. We fought back in 2020—we marched, we protested, we sacrificed. We finally drew a line in the sand.

After George Floyd was murdered on 38th and Chicago by the Minneapolis Police, we saw a change in some White people with outgoing compassion, recognition of pain and frustration. We as a people we finally figured it out—we have to take what’s ours.

Of course Prescient Trump sparked his 84 million twitter followers that Floyd was just another one and that it was time to get back to hate.

The sports leagues NBA, NFL, MLS, MLB, NHL, WNBA stepped up with genuine support. Knowing that 317,000 people have died this year to the coronavirus is such a stunning reminder of how helpless we are to the unknown and unseen killers both those who believed and did not and those who refused to protect themselves.

Major League Baseball once was the American pastime. It was America’s game. Over time that has changed. In 1947 Jackie Robinson broke the race barrier in sports. Racism did not go away. Society decided it was time to stop lying and admit the superior athlete.

Willie Mays, Henry Aaron, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, Frank Robinson, Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, they are just a few Black Hall of Fame players. MLB infused its game and expanded its product and added franchises.

Last week MLB said it was going to recognize the legacy of the Negro Leagues by allowing the stats and records of the league 1920-1948 to be added to MLB’s. I think that’s great; however, MLB is no longer the number-one game in 2020 as it was when the infusion of Black players starting with Robinson lifted MLB up.

Statistically the legend of Josh Gibson hit more home runs than Babe Ruth, 715. Are you saying he was better than Ruth? Will the players whose stats will be recognized be financially compensated? Restitution I believe is due if you’re admitting after all these years how shamefully racist and wrong it was to those 3,400 Black men. Their estates must be financially compensated.

Did segregation create an inferiority, that of hopelessness? This longtime oversight must reward. Fairness is the bottom line. Go all the way MLB, not half way, by doing what’s right.