Dr. Crutchfield III gets COVID vaccine

Courtesy of Dr. Crutchfield, III Dr. Crutchfield getting vaccine shot.

He encourages all to do the same because “it’s good for our community”

It is vitally important that all eligible African Americans get vaccinated. Blacks are 2½ times more likely to die if they get COVID versus Whites. Admittedly, there has been a challenging and questionable history with Blacks and trust concerning specific medical treatments in the past. I am here to say that that was a different day, different situation, and a different medical community.

There are dozens of safeguards in place now to prevent history from repeating itself. As an African American physician, I trust science. I want my community to know that I believe in the safety of the FDA approved vaccine[s] and that I endorse getting the COVID vaccine.

I received the Pfizer-BioNTech today and will get the second dose in three weeks. President Obama also endorses the safety of the vaccine and will get vaccinated soon.

After all, the world’s viral expert, Dr. Fauci, not only believes in its safety and effectiveness; he also was vaccinated. African American Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams has also already received his first dose.

What I don’t trust is COVID and what it does to the members of the Black community who contract it. Remember, vaccines won’t end this pandemic; vaccinations will. I encourage all members of the African American community to roll up your sleeves when it is your turn. It’s good for you, it’s good for your family, and it’s good for our community.

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  1. how was he able to get the vaccine so early compared to other private practice doctors who don’t work on the front line?

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