WORD ON THE STREET | Will justice prevail in the Derek Chauvin murder trial?

With the opening statement kicking off this week in the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, charged with the murder of George Floyd, the MSR took to the streets to get reflections from community members.

QUESTION: Do you think justice will prevail in the Derek Chauvin murder trial?

Photo by Nikki Love Dennis Anderson

No, they all should be in jail now. If it were anyone else, they would be in prison or jail right now. George is dead; there is no justice; I don’t care if they go to prison for the rest of their lives. You can’t bring that man back, so there will never be justice for him!

I don’t think this has anything to do with the community. This is about his family and the fact that this world does not have justice period. There is no justice in America.

—Dennis Anderson

Photo by Nikki Love Raymel Givens

I’ve been following a little bit of the trial. With the make-up of that jury, I feel like the verdict is still up in the air. I believe Derek will be [convicted] for something. I can’t say it would be for [second-degree murder], but manslaughter and third-degree charges are different. There is no way out of this, saying he did not cause the death of George Floyd.

Community, please have an open mind and be ready to take on the challenges at the end of the verdict. We cannot assume what the jury would think but be ready to deal with the aftermath.

—Raymel Givens

Photo by Nikki Love Nakehia Cotton

Personally, I think [the officers] will receive the bare minimum. Chauvin will probably receive time alone with probation, and I don’t think that’s fair. They will probably send Chauvin to prison for about eight months and house arrest.

They should kick his a$# because why should he get away with murder?! And if a Black man did the same thing, he would have been up the river along time ago. None of these events would be happening if this were vise versa. It’s just not fair.

—Nakehia Cotton

Photo by Nikki Love Prince Clark

Yes, justice will be served, and it also will take time and power from our brothers and sisters. It’s not going to be like this forever. We all deserve change.

Prince Clark

Photo by Nikki Love Mimi

I’m hoping justice is served to Chauvin because it was wrong. We need to support one another and help make justice to be served.


Photo by Nikki Love DJ Dime

I’m hopeful justice will be served. I do feel with the City paying out the family $27 million is like a sign of guilt. Hopefully, Chauvin does some time. I don’t know if he is going to get [second]-degree but I think they got up to the third-degree on the docket.

If Chauvin gets off, it’s going to get crazy. I don’t see it happening. Keep our heads up and believe that Minneapolis will be the city that makes an example for all the other cities. I do believe Chauvin will face some time. I hope we can heal as a city, the Twin Cities, and as a state. RIP to George Floyd.

DJ Dime

All photos by Nikki Love.