BlackOUT event celebrates Black commerce

Shay Glorious Martin is the creator of The BlackOUT, a Black business market event. “This just started last year—this one is my fourth one, on Sunday, April 11,” said Martin.

The event will be hosted at the CoMotion Center for Movement, located on Fairview and University in St. Paul. Shoppers can enjoy the market from 12-6 pm.

Martin is grateful to have an opportunity to host his event at the spacious venue. “The space that we’re in is Black-owned; it’s 42,000 square feet,” said Martin. “It’s freakin’ amazing! There’s so much parking—it’s huge,” he said.

There will be 50 vendors at the event. Attendees can also enjoy food, movies, and games. The vendors are charged $75 per booth. “They can set up two six-foot tables in an L shape,” said Martin. He made sure to diversify the product line. “I want everybody to have an equal shot,” he said. “There’s something for everyone.”

In the future, Martin aspires to grow the event by having 100 vendors set up by this summer. “Pop-ups are the thing now,” he said. He is encouraged everyone to come out and enjoy the event and support local Black-owned businesses.

BlackOUT IV: Spring takes place Sunday, April 11 from 12-6 pm at the CoMotion Center for Movement. located at 655 Fairview Ave N. in St Paul. For more info, visit the BlackOUT Facebook page.