WORD ON THE STREET | Reflections on the Chauvin verdict

The world was glued to their TVs, smartphones, or computers on Tuesday, waiting with bated breath to see what the verdict would be in the Derek Chauvin murder trial. Then the verdict came: guilty, guilty guilty! Chauvin was convicted on two counts of murder and one count of manslaughter in the killing of George Floyd. The MSR reached out to people to get their thoughts on what they thought about the verdict.

Submitted photo Flexx Barber 

I was nervous but I wasn’t expecting the outcome because of America and its history and it continues to repeat itself over and over again. But I am happy for the Floyd family, and hopefully, it stops here but we still have a history on the side that reflects systematic racism in this country.

Flexx Barber 

Submitted photo Quentin Askew

I’m relieved but it’s just a start. We still have the sentencing of the other three officers [former MPD officers Thomas Lang, Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng] that were involved in the killing of George Floyd.

The verdict was satisfying to a point. I’m happy for George Floyd’s family, that they get some type of relief and a burden has been lifted off of their shoulders but it’s still not quite enough. We just had another killing in America of a Black girl [Ma’Khia Bryant] by a police officer on the same day as the verdict. The 15-year-old from Columbus, Ohio.

Quentin Askew

Submitted photo Christopher Aaron Deanes

The verdict that came was just a moment of celebration, but then you hear about the killing of the 15-year-old in Columbus, Ohio, by another police officer. There is still a war against our people. The verdict gave us crumbs—it’s a process but the trauma and history of this country is still at war with us. 

As I drive through my neighborhood, I still see the military forces. As long as most of the people in society continue to see us as less than human and value their property more than our lives, then the verdict is just scraps and small pieces. But I am happy for the Floyd family, but I know their hearts are still heavy.

Christopher Aaron Deanes

Submitted photo Tashalee Kahey

I don’t think they had a choice because of the video. To be honest, without that video it would’ve just been like nothing happened, just another Black man killed by police people. The report that the Minneapolis Police Department released the day after George Floyd died … there was nothing about an officer putting his knee on George Floyd’s neck or him actually dying at the scene.

People came out with their voices and they marched; we had one voice then it turned into one million voices. We saw the video of the Rodney King case but we didn’t get the justice we had hoped for, but this time the video helped get the verdict that we so deserved. 

Tashalee Kahey

Submitted photo Gazmine “GG” Mason

I was actually watching it with my mom. I was definitely getting emotional. I felt the tears come because it was the verdict that all Black Americans wanted to see and hoped for. The fact that we actually got that was a relief. I know it’s just the beginning, but it felt like we actually won this one even though it’s not completely over. 

I’m really happy for the George Floyd family and grateful that they have a sense of relief—especially with the history of cops getting off for killing Black men and women here in America. I was definitely happy and praying and thanking God. After everything going on, I finally felt like we could breathe. 

Gazmine “GG” Mason 

Submitted photo Robert Parker

I think it was the right verdict. The whole world watched in horror the video of Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for 9:29. I was hoping that he would be found guilty. I honestly thought if they did find him guilty of anything, it would have been for manslaughter. Hardly ever do cops get convicted for murder. We know with the history of this country, cops get off for killing Black and Brown People. I’m satisfied that he was convicted on all three charges but I know it will happen again.

I’m happy for George Floyd’s family and that they got the justice they deserve but my heart goes out to the families that didn’t get justice: Philando Castile, Tamar Rice, Jamar Clark, Sandra Brown, Walter Scott, and way too many other ones to name. All those families didn’t get their justice they deserve. I know the effects it has had on them because he has on me.  it’s time that police in this country start being held accountable for killing Black and Brown People.

Robert Parker

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  1. That brave young girl who made the video is my hero of this trial. God bless her!

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