New music school in Mpls. to host block party, live concert featuring local performers


On June 26, 2021, the community is invited to join the Minneapolis School of New Music (MSNM) for its RockEnrollment Block Party—a neighborhood event created to introduce families and prospective students to the new school.

Located in North Minneapolis, the Minneapolis School of New Music is a tuition-free public charter school that centers on the arts. “We’re opening in the fall for grades six through eight and then each year after that we are going to expand one year until we are grades six through 12,” said Bart Johnson, founder and executive director of MSNM.

The mission of the Minneapolis School of New Music is to use music to inspire deep creativity and long-term success for their students.

“A lot of students who have a lot of potential don’t really see an interest in school. If they were interested, they would do very well. Music, for a lot of kids, is a passion and something that they can lose themselves in. We believe that if kids want to come to school and if they want to be creative that they’ll be successful in all other areas of academics,” said Johnson.

The RockEnrollment Block Party includes a live concert with some of the Twin Cities greatest talent including Maria Isa, NUR-D, DJ Keezy, Sophia Eris, and more.

Eris is well-known as the touring DJ for music sensation Lizzo. She is also a board member of the Minneapolis School of New Music and has played a significant role in their community outreach. “I joined probably back in October. I am honored to be a part of it. To be involved with a school that is for the youth with music immersion in it, is amazing,” said Eris.

Eris is also co-owner of Black-woman-owned Auntie’s Venue along with DJ Keezy. “Auntie’s” is the sole sponsor of the RockEnrollment Block Party.  “We’re [Auntie’s Venue] coming up on our one-year anniversary,” Eris shared.  

Over the past year, Auntie’s Venue engaged with audiences via their interactive virtual platform and they are now actively moving towards building a physical space that will be located in Minneapolis. “The mission of Auntie’s is not only to be a Black woman-owned music venue but also to have seminars and workshops for the youth in the BIPOC community and the queer community,” said Eris.

In the aftermath of a tumultuous 2020, it is the hope of the Minneapolis School of New Music to provide robust resources that will allow our local youth to catapult their creative hopes and dreams while being academically successful and prepared for their futures. “The youth don’t necessarily have the resources to make music that can get out in the world. We have the resources to help them learn how to make music, how to record music, and get their genius…their stories out into the world,” said Johnson.

The RockEnrollment Block Party will take place on June 26, 2021, from 12-4 pm. This is a free event for the entire family with a suggested donation of $10. There will be a concert, food sold by Soul Fu, activities, and opportunity to schedule a tour of the school.

“Now that it’s summertime, now that people are getting vaccinated it’s kind of like a very different game. It’s time to get people excited and get the kids excited and let them know who really supports them; and give them a touch of what they could be one day,” said Eris.

For more information about the RockEnrollment Block Party, go here.

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  1. This looks like a great idea and a way to bring some joy into our lives. Something many of us could use.

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