WORD ON THE STREET | Reflections on the Chauvin sentence

On June 25, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 22.5 years for the murder of George Floyd. This was the longest sentence in given to a former police officer in state history.

After the sentence was handed down, the MSR took to the streets and asked community members: What are your thoughts on the Chauvin sentencing?

Photo by Nikki Love

I think it is wrong and bogus. Black people are being sentenced to 40 years to life for the same crime. He killed a man in front of kids, adults, and phone cameras and for the whole world to witness. He only got 22 years! My friend was 16 years old and he received life. I feel that is wrong. We have to keep fighting for justice and equal rights. I can say the 22-year sentencing is a start and we have to accept it.


Photo by Nikki Love Rae Rae

I feel like it was unfair cause people with drug charges receive more years than people who murder people. He actually murdered someone on camera and you can see the man diedhe was dead on the scene. At least we got the right man in jail and he has to do his time. Hopefully he won’t get out soon. We have to stay strong for one another during these trying times we are about to face again.

 Rae Rae

Photo by Nikki Love Larry

It’s about time we finally got justice. He should have gotten more time but we’re not done. We still have the three officers and also the lady officer in Brooklyn [Center]. We are waiting on his or her court dates cause everybody will have his or her time in court.


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I don’t know why he didn’t get the maximum sentence, which was 30 years. It’s wrong and I feel he deserved more time than what they gave him. If it was a Black police [officer] that did the same crime, he would be locked up for life. The man deserves more time for his actions because you cannot replace a life.


Photo by Nikki Love Karie

I didn’t get an opportunity to watch the trial but I am glad justice was served. I wish he had gotten more time.


Photo by Nikki Love Tyrese

I believe they should have given more time and that was some bulls#*t. He should have gotten Fed time, to be honest. When it is attempted or a high charge it should be federal time. Period! Why would it be state time because he’s the police? Why should he get the benefit of the doubt or a slap on the wrist? Murder is murder. I believe that the police are supposed to serve and protect instead of trying to brutally belittle African Americans young and old. I think they need to take courses longer than the psychology course to hold a gun or bear firearms.


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  1. In regards to the Derek Chauvin case, I want to thank Darnella Frazier, all the witnesses who testified, the prosecution team under the leadership of AG Keith Ellison especially Attorney Blackwell, all the protestors worldwide, the jury, the Governor, Mayor, Cheif Arradondo, the other officers who testified, and Judge Peter Cahill. People do not realize how difficult it was to get this conviction. They have no idea how difficult it was to get to the guilty verdict. For the average person it looked like an open and shut case but people don’t understand how complicated the legal system is and how many decisions had to be made for this case not to be dismissed. People say it wouldn’t have happened this way if it had of been a Black man well Mohamed Noor by most people’s description is considered a Black man and he was found guilty of killing a White woman. He was sentenced to 12.5 years. People need to look at the totality of what happened in these two cases of MPD officers and also think about how many families never got their day in court. This case was huge and the fact that the trial never got moved or dismissed was a miracle in my view. The impact of this case goes far beyond the time Chauvin will serve. I thank G-d for allowing the world to see the truth. Alana Ramadan, Witnesses For Justice

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