Outstanding players in the metro

Minneapolis North running back Jaylon Washington is pursued by Fridley’s Salmon Shafi (13) and Kerome Thompson (10). Washington leads the Polars in rushing.
Photo by Dr. Mitchell Palmer McDonald

Here are 13 players who have caught my eye during the first part of the prep football season. Six are from Minneapolis North, three from Robbinsdale Cooper, while Fridley, St. Paul Central, St. Paul Highland Park and Robbinsdale Armstrong each have one player representing.

Remember, these are 13 players I have seen!

Jaylon Washington (Minneapolis North): The senior running back has been one of the Polars’ most outstanding players so far this season. He is averaging 137.5 yards per game with eight touchdowns while averaging 7.3 yards per carry.

Deshaun Hill (Minneapolis North): The sophomore quarterback has passed for six touchdowns while averaging 135 yards per game.

Mario Sanders (Minneapolis North): The senior has been somewhat overlooked, but he’s currently leading the Polars in receiving, averaging 12 yards per reception. If you missed his touchdown reception against Fridley, you missed something special.

AuVon Sager (Minneapolis North): The junior defensive end leads the Polars defense in tackles.

Chasmere Hamilton-Grunau (Minneapolis North): The sophomore linebacker is helping to lead a dominant Polars’ defense.

Khalil Brown (Minneapolis North): The sophomore linebacker is contributing big time to the Polars’ defense.

MJ Newton (Fridley): The 240-yard three-touchdown rushing performance by the senior quarterback against Minneapolis North speaks for itself. 

David Connors (Robbinsdale Cooper): Everyone took notice when he returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown against Robbinsdale Armstrong, but the defensive back also leads the Hawks in tackles.

Joe Russell (Robbinsdale Cooper): The senior running back has already passed for 814 yards and nine touchdowns while averaging 203 yards per game.

Cameron Royal (Robbinsdale Copper): The senior running back has 533 yards rushing to go along with six touchdowns and a 133.2 yards per game average.

Peyton Newbern (Robbinsdale Armstrong): The senior wide receiver showed what he can do by catching two passes for touchdowns against Robbinsdale Cooper in dramatic fashion. He has caught six touchdowns averaging 21.5 yards per reception for 236 yards this season.

Melvin Mensah (St. Paul Highland Park): The sophomore had a dominant performance against St. Paul Central, running for one touchdown and intercepting a pass as a defensive back.

Cole Fee (St. Paul Central): The senior quarterback rushed for 92 yards and a touchdown against St. Paul Highland Park.