Hold U.S. to same standard as Potter: ‘tragic mistakes’ not allowed

Drone Airstrike

For two decades now, the U.S. government has been blowing up innocent people in the Middle East, and every time it happens it is excused away as a “tragic mistake” and no one is disciplined.

The probability of this being a legitimate non-murderous process is equal to Kim Potter killing thousands of citizens as a police officer year after year because she continually grabbed her gun instead of her Taser and, after each time it happened, it was excused away as a “tragic mistake.”

Explain how Potter does not get one single “tragic mistake” at her disposal to set her free, but our government has an endless supply of “traffic mistakes” that always set it free.

What gives the same recurring “tragic mistake” the power to override truth, logic and justice? As far as I can tell, the power comes from nothing more than public apathy. 

If the public showed indifference and apathy to the murder of George Floyd, you can guarantee it would have been simply excused away as a “tragic mistake” and quickly forgotten, as are all the innocent people murdered by the U.S. government in the Middle East.

Frank Erickson, Minneapolis resident