Legendary DJ Disco T remembered

Music is life that’s why our hearts have beats.”– Cecily Morgan

The tribute at the Capri Theater for Disco T showcased his life, love, and legacy.

The event featured a host of talented celebrities in the Twin Cities such as Jevetta Steele, J Isaac, and Alexander O’Neal, to name a few. The many fans who came out to the Feb. 19 event—which happened to be Disco T’s born day—attested to how great of an influence he had on the community and music world.

His children were one of the most important parts of the tribute and they shared personal reflections about their dad that his friends and fans probably didn’t know.

There were Disco T photos on display throughout the hallway of the newly remodeled Capri Theater, as well as videos of his interviews where he spoke speaking candidly on camera. In some of the photos, you could see the effects of his battle with throat and neck cancer, which ultimately claimed his life on December 31, 2021.

When he received his diagnosis, he took a holistic approach to his healthcare. He once stated, “I’d rather have a certain quality of life, over a quantity of sickness.”

Disco T, also known as Tredis Adams, has always been health conscious and would frequently share health facts and tips that he learned. He ate healthily, exercised his body and mind, and he taught about healing and herbs.

He was also always full of ideas. He was a DJ, but he also explored other businesses as he got older. After mastering DJing techniques, parties, and hosting events, he dabbled in real estate, ran a clothing store and a nightclub, and became a marketing expert.

Almost two years ago, when Disco shared with the public his cancer diagnosis, the MSR spoke with him about his plight. There was a tribute to him, and a GoFundMe page set up for him to receive treatment and purchase things he felt he needed to prolong his life. He stated in an interview his plan was to write a book and share his journey with the world.

Disco made amends to people he felt he hurt. He was a legend but didn’t claim it. Hopefully, we will be able to read his book “How Cancer Did Me a Favor,” which is set to be released sometime in the summer.

Disco T’s last wish was for his ashes to be spread in Ghana.

Rest in music.