South Carolina defeats UConn: ‘Nothing better than being a Gamecock right now’

Photo by Charles Hallman South Carolina band director Dr. Quintus Wrighten and sophomore sax player Darnell Lambert

We witnessed history on Sunday night on the court where the Minnesota Lynx win more often than not.
Dawn Staley became the first Black coach to win two Division I basketball championships, men or women. 

“It’s obvious to see she is committed to developing the total person, not just the basketball player,” stressed South Carolina band director Dr. Quintus Wrighten. He had the band rocking, especially at the end of the third quarter going into the fourth, as South Carolina fans behind the team bench were up and doing a version of the slide but from the seats.

He marveled at the job Coach Staley has done with a primarily Black female team. “You can see Coach working since she gotten here. This is the payoff,” said Wrighten.

“It feels great,” added sax player Darnell Lambert, a sophomore. “They [the players] have been so kind to the band. A journey of a lifetime—nothing better than being a Gamecock right now.”

South Carolina led from start to finish, leading as much as 18 points in the 2nd quarter, and defeated UConn 64-49. Guard Destanni Henderson led all scorers with 26 points.

“My teammates trusted in me. We’ve been putting in the hard work and waiting for this moment, and tonight just found open shots,” said Henderson on the court amidst the coronation of a new national champion. 

“Our team had the fight of champions all season long,” added Staley. “I have to give glory to God.”

“The best team won,” observed WCCO Radio’s Henry Lake. “Henderson was amazing. No one could stop her.”