Lutunji’s Palate hit by burglary 24 hours after opening

Courtesy of Lutunji’s Palate Lutunji’s Palate celebrated its grand opening on May 15.

Just 24 hours after entrepreneur Lutunji Abram joyously welcomed the community to the opening of her bakery in South Minneapolis, the shop was burglarized.

Three thieves can be seen on a security camera breaking into the shop around 4 am on Sunday morning, May 15. “A Somali brotha, African American brotha, and African American sista,” is how Abram described the suspects.

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Abram told the MSR, “They broke in the opposite side of the building, so they did get into the leasing office and that’s where they did steal things.” The suspects “stole a key-making machine,” and then proceeded to break into her business.

The thieves entered Lutunji’s Palate through the front door. “When they got into my space, they tried to open my cash register,” explained Abram. Luckily, she doesn’t store cash there and nothing was taken.

Photo courtesy of Lutunji’s Palate

After the break-in, Abram took to social media to thank customers for their support. She isn’t letting an unfortunate event slow her down and remains resilient. “I’m feeling good because I’m going to keep it movin’—I ain’t got no choice.”

She added, “I had so many distractions and setbacks on the journey to this joyous occasion of opening my doors. It’s just something that happens.

“You look at it and thank God for protecting you and keep it movin’.”

Lutunji’s Palate is located at 1400 Park Ave. S. in South Minneapolis. For more info, visit @Lutunjispalate on Facebook,, or call 612-382-2021.