‘Unlocking the Club’ features Black women with stories to tell

Angela Taylor
Submitted photo

Another View

A podcast is a digital audio file that one can listen to either on the Internet or download on your portable electronic devices. They are hosted by an individual or individuals, and podcast subjects run the gamut from soup to nuts and everything in between. No experience or special skill required—anyone can do a podcast, which has become the audio equivalent of blogging.

Angela Taylor, a seasoned professional in sports and management, has entered into the podcast world with her Unlocking the Club series. It runs weekly, featuring herself and a Black female guest, sharing stories of life uniquely navigating through the unpredictable waters of America’s sporting and corporate seas. “[It] is targeted toward Black women,” she told the MSR by phone last week, “but I think it applies and appeals to anybody.”

Taylor still remains the first and only Black woman to be in a C-Suite position as a Minnesota Lynx vice-president, which she held in the early 2000s. She also held coaching positions, once a top executive in the then-new and growing WNBA, and was a team GM at one time. She has her own consulting business, NetWorth Sports Consulting, which is based in Boise, Idaho, where she now resides.

“It’s time for us to reclaim our space by sharing our stories and unlocking our truth,” explained Taylor.  “So often, we don’t tell the real, real.”

Boise is where Taylor spent quality time as a caregiver to her late mother. A good friend told her that she is a caretaker in other ways