When things get ugly, Whites circle the wagons

The fact that Whites in Europe are so quick to help Ukraine when they are unjustly attacked by a superpower but did not do the same for Iraqis when they were also unjustly attacked by a superpower in 2003 shows that the driving force for Whites in Europe is not grounded in truth and justice.

The fight is not about truth or justice; the fight and standing up to the fake “war” is only about protecting White Christians who are attacked by a murderous fake “war.” Muslims are on their own when attacked with a murderous fake “war” by a superpower.

“Shock and awe” was a vicious unprovoked attack, so why didn’t Europe help Iraqis when the United States attacked in 2003? When things really got nasty, when the stuff really hits the fan, Whites circle the wagons and stick together—even when Whites are committing murder.

Frank Erickson is a Minneapolis resident.