Ukrainian Troops Destroy Russian Tank On Main Road

Fighters from the 92nd Mechanized Brigade destroying a Russian tank in Ukraine. (@92OMBr/Zenger)

By Lee Bullen

Ukrainian fighters destroyed a Russian tank on a main road, as can be seen from these images.

The 92nd Separate Mechanized Brigade named after Ivan Sirko, a formation of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, carried out the strike in an unspecified location.

The brigade said on July 20: “Defending Ukraine and protecting its sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability.”

The Ukrainian Center for Strategic Communications (StratCom) said: “A morning is not a morning without fried Rusna. Have a great day everyone. Glory to Ukraine!”

We contacted the Mechanized Brigade for further comment, as well as the Russian Ministry of Defense, but haven’t received a reply at the time of writing.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 in what the Kremlin is calling a “special military operation”. July 21 marks the 148th day of the invasion.

Fighters from the 92nd Mechanized Brigade destroying a Russian tank in Ukraine. (@92OMBr/Zenger)

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that between February 24 and July 21, Russia had lost about 38,850 personnel, 1,704 tanks, 3,912 armored combat vehicles, 859 artillery units, 251 multiple launch rocket systems, 113 air defense systems, 221 warplanes, 188 helicopters, 710 drones, 167 cruise missiles, 15 warships, 2,781 motor vehicles and fuel tankers, and 72 units of special equipment.

CIA chief William Burns said on Wednesday (July 20) that there is no intelligence that Russian President Vladimir Putin is in bad health or unstable.

It has long been rumored in Western media that President Putin, 69, has been suffering from ill health, possibly cancer.

But Mr. Burns joked that the Russian president appeared “too healthy”, adding: “He is convinced that his destiny as Russia’s leader is to restore Russia as a great power.

“He believes the key to doing that is to recreate a sphere of influence in Russia’s neighborhood and he cannot do that without controlling Ukraine”.

Fighters from the 92nd Mechanized Brigade destroying a Russian tank in Ukraine. (@92OMBr/Zenger)

Mr. Burns said the U.S. believes Russia has so far lost around 15,000 soldiers in Ukraine, with some 45,000 wounded.

Washington announced on Wednesday (July 20) that it will provide Ukraine with more long-range weapons.

This was despite an apparent warning from Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that such an act would broaden Moscow’s military focus in Ukraine.

A report released on the same day by the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights said Russian troops committed serious rights violations in Ukraine.

The Warsaw-based office cited cases including the shelling of a theater in Mariupol in mid-March and of Kramatorsk train station in early April.

Both of these incidents resulted in civilian deaths and may amount to Russian war crimes, said the institution.

The report also detailed witness reports of illegal executions, detentions, abductions, and cases of torture and sexual violence.

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