Black Business Spotlight: Trap House Chicken

Submitted photo Herbert A. Baker

Cook follows his calling and finds success

You haven’t had chicken until you’ve tried Trap House Chicken (THC). The MSR recently met up with owner Herbert A. Baker in the parking lot of the Minnoco gas station at 7820 Lakeland Drive,  Brooklyn Park, MN. 

Baker’s Trap House Chicken food truck was parked outside in the lot. As customers waited in line, Baker, a community-minded businessman, came out and greeted them and gave them all samples of chicken to whet their appetites.

Unlike many other businesses, during the pandemic and the unrest following George Floyd’s murder by police, “Trap House Chicken did really well,” Baker told the MSR. “We made lots of money just selling chicken out my house. THC went viral on Tik-Tok and Facebook, which helped. All I can say is the pandemic was good to us!”

Because of the success and demand, he was able to purchase a food truck.

Baker has a calling for cooking. “I started this business because it’s my passion,” he said. “I’ve been cooking all my life. I liked cooking for my family and seeing the smile on their faces. Cooking is something I love to do.

“I decided to share with others to see people smile, eat and be happy. I also wanted to be my own boss, so I started THC.”

What’s the hottest item at THC? “I think the taco puffs is the most popular item on the menu ‘cause I am the originator; something I created and made. I can’t just name one thing, but the birria tacos are very popular, too,” Baker said.

He offered a bit of advice for aspiring business owners: “If a person is thinking about starting a business, my advice would be to stay diligent and steadfast at what you are doing. Don’t give up is the key! 

“Entrepreneurship is financial freedom,” Baker continued. “I learned that I don’t know anything. When you get into business, act like you don’t know anything [because] everything is a learning experience, just like life. There is nothing you can read or watch to learn. You learn through experience,” he advised.

He added, “My motto is: You can always catch THC on the corner of hustle and hungry. Black business is on the rise! We need to network and stick together to make it happen. 

“Black Wall Street was once popular and it can be again. If you change your mindset, you can change your life.”

Trap House Chicken is open on the weekends from 4-8:30 pm at the Minnoco gas station parking lot, located at 7820 Lakeland Drive in Brooklyn Park.

For more info, visit or call 612-261-8657.

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  1. The fact that this cook followed his calling is something that I’ve found to be very inspirational. More and more people should follow this suit, I do think that this should be the case.

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