​Black Business Spotlight: Charles Caldwell Fine Arts

Artist Charles Caldwell
Photo by Nikki Love

North​side ​artist ​reflects neighborhood’s positives

Art can enrich homes and make neighborhoods come alive. The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder (MSR) recently had a chance to chat with local painter Charles Edward Caldwell, who specializes in portraits and murals. He shared what his art means to him. 

Caldwell understood his calling early. “[I’ve] been an artist all my life,” he said, “and I recognized it at an early age. I was doing my artistry when I accepted myself as an artist.

“My profound recognition of an artist came in the 6th grade at Lincoln Elementary in North Minneapolis,” he recalled. “I met the late great Mr. Richard Scott, who gave me the opportunity to know that art can change your life as well as others’. 

“When I walked into Mr. Scott’s classroom, it changed my life, and I have changed many lives since through my creations.”

Caldwell is currently finishing a mural in North Minneapolis at the 4th Street Saloon. One of his notable works is the Prince “Purple Rain” tribute also located on the North Side. Caldwell said he was inspired to do the Prince mural because he, like Prince, grew up in North Minneapolis, and he always wanted to do something to honor him. He wanted to touch the hearts of Prince fans that are still healing from his loss. 

Caldwell, who has a studio on West Broadway in North Minneapolis, aims to reflect the positivity in the neighborhood. “There is already an amazing mural that is dedicated to the visitors who come to North Minneapolis, and it says, “Welcome to North Minneapolis,” Caldwell said. 

“You’re all welcome ‘cause North Minneapolis is a great place,” Caldwell said. “We can come to North Minneapolis and have a good or bad time; it depends on what you are looking for. 

“If you bring trouble to North Minneapolis, you will be met with trouble. If you want to have a good time, come with a good attitude and be uplifting, encouraging and supportive. Because all communities have their struggles.” 

Caldwell is working on another mural on the front of the 4th Street Saloon entitled “The Example.” Viewers can visualize the meaning as it continues to develop. Ask yourself the question, what kind of example are you?

Caldwell’s love of art runs in the family. “Art has been amazing in my life. My family, son, daughter and grandkids are all inspired by the arts and me,” Caldwell said. “I am grateful to be able to share something they like and love, and maybe they can use art as a beacon of hope for themselves.” 

Caldwell wants to continue to create and make art part of the Caldwell family legacy in the Twin Cities. He also wants to thank the community of North Minneapolis: “I have to honestly say since I came here at the age of seven, I have nothing but love, support, encouragement and respect for North Minneapolis. I am the artist of North Minneapolis! I hope the things I do or have done is satisfying, encouraging and inspiring in some type of way.”

To purchase art from Charles Edward Caldwell, visit ccaldwellfinearts.com or 612-386-5114.

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