WORD ON THE STREET | Are you voting in the midterm elections?


The MSR once again took to the street to ask community members about the most pressing issues of the day. For this Word on the Street, we asked community members about the importance of voting ahead of the 2022 midterm election.

Photo by Nikki Love DonEsther Anderson

DonEsther Anderson, chief officer of A Mother’s Love

Of course, I’m voting! It’s important to vote because we are coming up on some really treacherous times and we need to exercise our rights to vote. We need to know who is running to figure out who will support our community and the needs of our community. We cannot complain when legislation comes down against African American community if we don’t vote. By not voting it, goes against everything we believe, know, and live. We cannot complain about anything if we don’t get out and vote.

Photo by Nikki Love Kenneth Aban

Kenneth Eban, Advancing Equity Coalition

We thought it was a good opportunity to come out to talk to people who don’t know about the upcoming school board election in Minneapolis. We want to provide people with some information about some of the biggest issues and decisions that will be made. We know the school board has low visibility in the election, and we want to make sure people take the time to research who the candidates are before they go vote.
We know that Indigenous and students of color are brilliant, we need to figure out how to help the adults in our system so that the system would function properly. The system can support students’ brilliance to ensure that every student receives a high-quality education. It starts with us by researching the candidates before voting. This school board election is critical to the district and the city.

Photo by Nikki Love Antwjuan Cole

Antwjuan Cole

Voting tells what the people in power can do for your community. If we don’t vote there, will not be a change. I voted early because I want to see a change in my community and I will be out of town on election day. I belong to Real Believers Faith Center located at 2210 Fremont Ave. North Minneapolis. We purchased the Marathon gas station on 1120 West Broadway; we are making moves in the city and trying to touch our community.

Photo by Nikki Love DeMario (last name withheld)


It was important for me to vote because I want my voice to be heard cause it matters.  I’ll be attending Souls to the Polls events—an organization of church folks getting together to make sure the community votes. We are the church that owns the gas station and if you want to support your community here is a place to do that. We are trying to clean up Broadway Ave.

Photo by Nikki Love Jacqueline Martin

Jacqueline Martin

I am voting but I have not voted as of yet. I think it is important that our voices are heard and we do count. Get out and vote!

Photo by Nikki Love Makita Jackson

Makita Jackson

I am going to vote. I think it’s important for us to vote due to all the things happening in our community and we are not receiving enough help. If we [Black people] vote, things can be better for communities. Get out and vote!

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