Weigh in on the future of the old Kmart site 

The old Kmart store as it appeared in 2017
Photo by Paige Elliott

Help shape the New Nicollet Redevelopment Project (former Kmart site), Project survey open through Nov. 30

The City of Minneapolis wants to hear from community members about your vision for the future of the former Kmart site. The City is reconnecting Nicollet Avenue between Lake Street and the Midtown Greenway as part of the New Nicollet Redevelopment Project.

The development represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help reshape the future of the site and contribute to a better quality of life for people living and working in the immediate area.

The broad project goals include:

  • Reconnecting people and places.
  • Building safe, equitable and sustainable transportation networks.
  • Building for who is there.
  • Designing space to live, work, shop and play here.
  • Designing safe and healthy communities.

This first phase of engagement focuses on open dialogues with community members who live in, work in, shop in and visit the area. The second phase will focus on a public space plan and Nicollet Avenue layout plan, which will require city council approval. The third phase of engagement will discuss the future development of buildings.

Ways to share feedback

Source: The City of Minneapolis.

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