Dr. Verna inspires with new book ‘Power Lessons for Life’

Dr. Verna Cornelia Price, affectionately known as Dr. Verna, is on an ambitious campaign to encourage people to understand their personal power.

“My mantra to everyone is, you were born with power and you have enough power to change your life and change the world,” she said. 

With “Power Lessons for Life with Dr. Verna,” her fourth self-help book, she offers a practical, hands-on guide and workbook aimed at empowering readers of all ages and backgrounds.

“These power lessons can be applied right now, today, to make lives better. It’s a little book that is designed to be tucked into a bag, taken along in the car, or put on a nightstand,” she said. “It’s loaded with the strategies and everyday wisdom that everyone needs.”

The book’s 10 “power lessons” shed light on common dilemmas like recognizing self-defeating behavior, finding peace in a chaotic world, and resisting the temptation to solve other people’s problems. The topics are ones that Dr. Verna has explored on her popular podcast, “Dr. Verna’s Virtues.”

“Listeners have been asking for a book,” Dr. Verna explained. “They tell me they wished they could have these lessons and affirmations at hand. I chose 10 ideas from my podcasts and added to the lessons with more examples.”

Dr. Verna’s background as a human potential expert makes her uniquely positioned to share her message of empowerment. Born in the Bahamas where she was raised by her grandmother, Dr. Verna came to the U.S. at age 10 to join her immigrant parents.

She arrived in Minnesota for college in 1982 and began her career as a teacher. She went on to earn a doctorate in educational policy and leadership and has built a 30-year career as an executive coach, corporate consultant, and keynote speaker.  She’s also a wife and the mother of four. 

“In this book, I share more of me, personally. In my other books and on social media, I’ve rarely mentioned my family, but this time I talk about my children, marriage, being a friend and mentor and entrepreneur,” she said.

The founder of Girls Taking Action, a program for at-risk middle and high school-aged students in Minnesota, Dr. Verna, and her husband Shane Price recently expanded their mission with Boys of Hope. Both organizations prepare youth for success, whether in college or launching their careers. 

The programs engage more than one thousand Minnesota youth, enrolling them in activities and pairing them with mentors. 

Although the book has just been released, Dr. Verna is already hatching a plan for a sequel with additional power lessons. “This is just the first volume. People will want more power messages, more everyday examples they can use in their lives,” she said.

“There are so many messages in the world that are negative. I’m sitting on a mountain of positive messages that  encourage people to do better and be better.”

“Power Lessons for Life with Dr. Vernais available on Dr. Verna’s website: www.drverna.club/store for $12.99. She’s scheduled multiple readings and book signings in the community. The Kindle version of “Power Lessons for Life” is also available on Amazon.

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