Remembering Mel

Photo by Nicholas Pfosi /Reuters Mel Reeves

September 21, 1957— January 6, 2022

A year has passed since we here at the MSR lost our dear friend and colleague Mel Reeves to Covid complications. Over the course of this year, we have kept our spirits up by keeping Mel’s spirit alive as best we can, recalling his work style, insights into human nature, and his fight for justice.

Mel’s emotional intensity was on display most days. His passions and penchants were well known to us, as he was not one to keep his thoughts and feelings under wraps. The post-publication meetings in his office, sometimes lasting late into the night, were explorations of ideas and issues that we sorely miss.

Most of all Mel was a man with a big heart and high principles that he was willing and able to defend. With his warrior spirit missing from among us now, we have lost a vital source of energy and inspiration, and love, and it’s going to take much longer than a year to somehow get that back. 

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  1. I miss my friend and comrade every day. His voice is sorely missed in our fights for justice. And I miss the phone calls to bat around ideas. Those who value his contribution to the fight against police brutality miss him the most.

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