Mpls snowplow crews working to keep streets open, accessible

Photo by Paige Elliott

Residents are urged to report trouble spots to 311 

As City of Minneapolis crews continue to plow and target snow removal on narrow streets in the city’s most dense residential neighborhoods, officials are urging people to work with neighbors to move vehicles that have been parked in the same location since the last snow event.

The City also recommends residents contact 311 to report concerns about conditions on streets and sidewalks.

Following the historic snowfall earlier this month, Public Works employees have plowed all of the residential streets in Minneapolis at least three times working to push back snowbanks, address bumpy conditions, and plow snow that has loosened up as a result of warmer temperatures.

Additionally, the City has posted one-sided parking on some of the streets in challenging areas in terms of snow storage to ensure the streets are passable for first responders. 

Public Works is working with the Minneapolis Fire Department to prioritize key areas that are challenging for emergency vehicles to access and will continue to post one-side parking in those areas.

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